Terms and Conditions

Campers from the previous year's Summer Camp have priority until NOVEMBER 15. New four week campers will be given first priority thereafter. New Campers are accepted in the order in which registrations are received by the Camp office and after the vacancies in the various age groups have been determined. Upon acceptance, parents will receive a Code of Behaviour which should be discussed with your daughter. Campers may register for mini camp, two, four, six, or all eight weeks of Camp. Children's acceptance at camp in 2022 is conditional upon compliance with our updated vaccination policy which we expect to circulate before the end of 2021.

Each year we offer a variety of extended trips. We offer two extended canoe trip options. Our one month program runs the month of July and again in the month of August. Pre-trip training is followed by a 20 day canoe trip in northern Ontario. Our two week trips run the first and second two weeks of each month. Please call the office for applications.

The $600.00 deposit must be sent with your application. The balance of the Camp Fees are due May 1st. Our policy is as follows: 1. An application that is withdrawn before March 1st will receive a 50% refund from the deposit. No refund of the deposit will he given if withdrawal occurs after March 1st. 2. Children who are withdrawn after May 1st and before camp begins will have camp fees less the $600.00 deposit refunded if a new camper can be registered in their place. If a new camper cannot be registered then 2/3 of the camp fee will be refunded. 3. Children who withdraw after Camp begins its first session or leave camp early for any reason, will not receive a refund.

There are no extra charges for regular Camp activities, but parents will be asked to deposit $300.00 for laundry life saving awards, miscellaneous tuck shop items, bus travel, and tripping permits. Six week and two month Campers deposit $450.00.

Campers travel by chartered bus between Toronto and Algonquin Park. Arrangements for pick up and departure at Toronto Airport can be made. Details of flight arrangements will be sent when your daughter registers for camp. Campers may also be picked up and dropped off at the Camp Landing. (Cache Lake, Algonquin Park)

There are excellent facilities for all activities offered. At the waterfront there is instruction from beginners to advanced levels in swimming, diving, life saving, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing and sailing. There are comparable programmes at fitness, sports, ropes course, lapidary archery arts and crafts, theatre arts, tennis, woodworking, woodcraft and mountain hiking. Particular emphasis is placed on Environmental Awareness and Education in our programme. The daily programme is based on individual choice; each Camper progresses at her own level of skill. All one month Campers have the opportunity to go on a canoe trip. Please contact our office for details. Evening programmes are recreational fun ranging from music to group games or campfires. There are cookouts and many special events which highlight the summer. All Camp programmes such as tournaments and theme days are carefully planned to include the interests of every Camper.

The ratio of total counsellor staff to Campers is one to three with very few exceptions, the minimum age for counsellors is eighteen. Most are former Campers and many are university students or graduates. No junior counsellors are employed.

Section is determined by age and cabin grouping. Sections elect their own leaders and plan many of their own evening programmes and special events. The Camp reserves the right to make final decisions regarding section and cabin placements. Friendships, compatibility age, grade in school, height, general -maturity and the new Campers are considered in planning congenial groupings. Cabin request forms are sent out early in the new year. Campers wishing to request one friend must: (1) Obtain the consent of the proposed cabin mate and (2) he sure that they are the same age and/or grade in school. While every effort is made to honour mutual requests, parents are reminded that learning to live with new friends is an important part of a Camp experience. The Camp will only consider one cabin request. Cabin placement is entirely at the discretion of the Director. Late cabin -requests cannot be honoured.

Tan coloured T-shirts and dark green shorts, sweatshirts and pants are the official daytime uniform. Camp uniforms may be ordered through the Camp or may be purchased at any shop you choose. Information about uniform clothing will he sent to you in the early spring. Suitable Camp clothing of any design or colour is worn after the afternoon swim. Please note that all Campers must bring biodegradable soap and their own paddle and life jacket. Paddles and life jackets can he purchased from the Camp to be delivered to your daughter when she arrives at Camp.

I desire my child to participate in the full Camp program. Acknowledging that such participation involves risk and hazards, I will notify the Camp of any restriction to my daughter's participation in writing. I also hereby release Camp Tanamakoon Limited, it's officers, directors, employees and agents of all liability arising from my daughter's stay at the Camp or participation in the Camp program.

Deposit of $600.00 is to be received at our office within 3 weeks of the date of online registration. (This will be returned if application is not accepted). 50% will be returned if it is withdrawn before March 1st. Balance of Fee plus Harmonized Sales Tax to be paid by May 1st.

Due to a high number of children who did not get into camp last year, we are enforcing our deposit policy. Your application will NOT be processed until the deposit is received.

Please make cheque payable in Canadian Funds. Parents may pay a $600.00 deposit in US funds and be billed for Camp fees in US dollars (check if applicable) Remit to: Camp Tanamakoon, 132 Reynolds Street, Oakville, Ontario L6J 3K5