Camper Covid-19 Responsibilities

I, the camper, promise to do my part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 at camp. I realize that this is an important responsibility and that if I do not follow the rules, I will be asked to leave camp.

I promise to:

a) wear my Cabin Bubble Pinnie anytime I am outside of my cabin.

b) maintain physical distancing with everyone outside my bubble.

c) wear a face mask always covering my nose and mouth unless it is a "Mask Relax Zone" (on my bed, in the water, when I am eating, in the shower, brushing my teeth, in designated spaced seating at activity areas and social circles. At these times I will be physically distanced from everyone).

d) always stay within my bubble.

e) make sure to wash my hands well before and after meals, after using the washroom, after every activity and anytime that I feel I may have picked up another person's items.

f) cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze - using my elbow/shoulder.

g) use only my own water bottle and personal belongings.

h) keep my belongings neat and tidy.

i) tell my counselor if I am not feeling well so that I can be taken care of by the Nurses.

j) follow the health and safety direction given by the Nurses and Camp staff.