Camper and CIT Policies

Camp Maple Leaf takes great pride, care and commitment in ensuring the utmost Safety, Security and Supervision for every camper in our care. The following are important camp policies that must be supported by parents and adhered to by all campers LITs and CITs attending camp.

1. Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol: Anyone possessing drugs, alcohol or cigarettes (including vapour cigarettes) will be sent home immediately for the remainder of the camp season and will not receive a refund of camp fees. Campers in the presence of someone using drugs, alcohol or cigarettes are subject to the same consequence.

2. Inappropriate Behavior at Camp and Online: Campers are expected to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and included. Bullying as well as any verbal, mental, sexual and/or physical abuse, and any behavior that compromises the well being of any person at camp is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. (No Physical Violence or mean language and gossip) This includes any unkind use of cyber communication towards fellow campers, staff or Maple Leaf during the summer and throughout the year.

3. Food: Campers may not bring any outside food or drinks into camp. Food on the bus is allowed but must be peanut/nut free. This is for health (i.e. severe allergies of fellow campers and staff) and safety reasons as animals, bugs and germs come from food and drinks in the cabins.

4. Cell Phones and phones: Campers may not have or use cell phones or any communication devices throughout their stay at camp. This important policy allows campers the opportunity to "unplug" from technology while at camp. For many reasons, campers are not permitted to use phones. Parents may call the camp anytime to check on their children. If a camper does come to camp with a cell phone accidentally, they will hand it into the office and it will be retuned upon boarding the bus home.

5. No Screens: Campers may not bring any devices to camp with a screen.

6. Internet Use of Name "Camp Maple Leaf": Camp Maple Leaf is a Trade Name owned by The Camp Tanamakoon Charitable Foundation Inc. The name Camp Maple Leaf may not be used by any person to establish, set up or create any website, Facebook account, or any other use whatsoever without the permission of Camp Maple Leaf.

7. Destruction of Property or Theft: Camp Maple Leaf is our shared summer home. Campers must respect all camp equipment, facilities and property. Destruction (including graffiti) or stealing camp or others' personal property will be dealt with seriously, and costs for repairs will be charged to the camper's family involved.

8. Camper Curfew: All campers must remain in their own cabin from bedtime until scheduled wake-up (Excluding trips to the bathroom).

9. Cabin Privacy: Campers are not permitted to be in cabins of the opposite gender at any time. Campers must first gain permission before entering any cabin of the same gender that is not their own.

10. All medication will be kept in the Health Centre (with the exceptions of inhalers and epi pens)

11. All campers must abide by all safety, supervision, cabin rule and the Do Not Pack List on the Packing List.

Breach of Policy Consequences:

Parents/Guardians will be contacted at the discretion of the Camp Director for a breach of any camp policy and may be subject to expulsion without refund of camp fees. Please discuss the above policies with your child(ren) to ensure there is a clear understanding of the expectations and consequences associated with their actions and behaviour at camp. With your support and cooperation, we look forward to providing a fabulous, fun, exciting and SAFE experience at Camp Maple Leaf this summer.